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Custom Workspaces

My customers need specifically designed spaces to create their best work. 
Carvers, perfumers, college presidents, nurses, historians, and students use my furnishings to enhance the time they spend working and the results they get.


"[My desk and shelves are] such good companions.  Such appealing space inspires me to be there, working.  It's just right."

Working with you, I can design and build a workspace for any need, whether professional or hobby.
The best way to inquire about working with me is to call me at  (802) 257-9993.  A conversation is the beginning.  

handmade jete table, Jason E. Breen
Handmade table and chair set. Light honey-colored wood, turquoise fabric on seats.
Hand turned bowl with honey colored wood.
hand turned bowl, dark colored wood
From the SHOP
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