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Sacred Furnishings

It is my hope to help bring faith communities together by designing and building the furnishings which facilitate worship and contemplation. I work to understand the touchstones held by a group, then use my hands and heart to turn this understanding into a concentrated, beautiful form.  The joy I encounter when I work with a faith community - and for years afterward whenever I return - that joy is the underlying purpose of this work for me. 

Torah Ark by Jason E. Breen

The Ark

This Ark, or dwelling place for the Torah, was built for a community who values the process of creating, and who wishes to deepen their connection to place and their ties within the community.  The ten Hebrew letters inlaid on the front are in a simple script to enable young Hebrew scholars to recognize them.  A brass plaque on the side honors two elders of the community.  The Eternal Light was made by glassblower Robert Burch.


"To say the ark is beautiful is an understatement... 
Jason’s commitment  to learn about and understand aspects of the Jewish faith and traditions, his… interest in dialogue about what a Torah and it’s mishcan means to a Jewish community — created for me a connection that cannot be named, 
but only felt.” 

-  member of the Brattleboro Area Jewish Community

I work with communities of any faith. The best way to inquire about working with me is to call me at 
(802) 257-9993.  A conversation is the beginning.  

handmade jete table, Jason E. Breen
A hand built table and chair set. The chairs have turquoise fabric on the seats.
Turned wooden bowl, honey colored wood
Hand turned bowl, dark colored wood.
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